Humminbird Helix Review

Are you a person who enjoys fishing? Well, reading this Humminbird Helix review might get you to step up your fishing game. With the great fishfinders being made these days it would be a waste if you are not using one. A fishfinder can be one of the best things to invest into if you are a passionate fisher. There are a lot of competitors in the fish finder chartplotter market. Garmin, Raymarine with the Raymarine Dragonfly, the Lowrance HDS, Lowrance Elite 5, Lowrance Elite 7, Lowrance HDS 7, Lowrance Elite 3X, etc. They are great fishfinder GPS devices for any angler and his kayak.

Having said that fishfinders are great, this isn’t the case with every fishfinder out there. There are also plenty of these that are overpriced or simply don’t work as they should. However, the HELIX series from Humminbird really are giving other fishfinders trouble as they come in variation of sizes and functions. These fishfinders made by HELIX can be a great investment. The Humminbird Helix 5, for example, is a great option.

humminbird helix review

As we said before, Humminbird really changed the game. It has worked on a new, evolved technology making the HELIX fishfinders really something worth spending your money on.

The Humminbird Helix review

What do they offer?

The HELIX series have CHIRP Digital Sonar, enhanced networking, and a new MEGA Imaging system.

They will allow you to see whats beneath the water’s surface like you’ve never seen it before. The clarity of the images produced by the Humminbird MEGA Imaging is astonishing! It’s one of the best, clearest and sharpest sonar image taker.


With it’s bluetooth capability the HELIX series will keep your phone safe and sound by displaying notifications on your HELIX. There’s also an optional bluetooth remote you can choose to get. This is excellent when you want to focus on the boat and your chartplotter fishfinder, instead of checking your phone every minute.

It comes with ULTRA-BRIGHT LCD displays giving you the ability to see the screen even when the sun is the brightest. The design of the HELIX is made to minimize space and maximize cool factor. SD CARD Doors in the Humminbird Helix will allow you to do quick and easy LakeMaster mapping, waypoint and screen capture storage. Also, software updates for your HELIX 12, 10 and 9.


With AutoChart Live, LakeMaster Plus and i-Pilot Link as a part of the HELIX Series, these amazing technologies will help you navigate the water incredibly easy. You’ll be able to discover hot spots and important contours using your charts. There won’t be such a thing as uncharted waters anymore.


Humminbird Helix review